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Get Apex SQL Code 2008 (reg $249.00) for free!

May 7, 2009 at 5:36 AM

Free Code generator worth $249.00.  Until they stop the Special Offer.  They are trying to spread their product around free for awhile to create a user base and lots of templates.

It will generate code from C# or VB.NET code templates or create database procedures. etc.

I thought I'd throw this out here while it's still free for those developers who would like to use this project as well as create their own templates.

To get a free copy go to this link

The product home page is here.

They have a template library page here

I watched one of their camtasia video's on how to make stored procs for all your database tables and the product looked cool.

No...  I don't work there.  I just like free dev tools.

Speaking of Camtasia.  It would be nice to see a SimpleDataFramework tutorial done in Camtasia. :)